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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Week of Prayer - And Life at Camp Qwanoes

Fall has definitely come here at Camp Qwanoes and a big identifier of that, is our annual week of prayer with the Kaléo Program.  Every year we take a week to dedicate towards prayer.
We want to be people of prayer in everyday of our lives, but it is always special to set aside some intentional time out of the busyness of our day-to-day, and spend time alone with God.

During the week we set up a special room and had someone praying in it for most of the hours of the day. From sunrise, to sunset, and right through the night. We had a schedule that students would sign up for 1 hour slots throughout the week.

It was definitely a busy week with all the academics the students were working on. Yet despite how counter intuitive it sometimes felt to take an hour and just spend it with God, everyone expressed so much gratitude for their time set specifically aside. It was really cool to watch the room slowly get covered in prayer requests and people sharing their praise and thankfulness. It was a really powerful week that I don't think many will forget anytime soon. 

Community Fireside

Once a month all the students and staff at camp take an evening to get together in small groups at different staff houses. This is one of the way we try to be intentional with community here at camp, and making sure the staff and students are getting opportunities to get to know each other. It is a great way to get to know the families of camp staff as well. 

Firesides are always heaps of fun and this month our fireside was a big gathering with pizza and games where everyone was able to hangout together. 

Our Wild Play Adventure

Last week we also took a break from studies and went on an adventure together.

We visited the island famous Wild Play high ropes course near Nanaimo.

 It was so great to get out into the forest and just have tons of fun together as a group. Everyone was super encouraging to each other, and it was great seeing people face their fears with courage.

 Fall Retreat Season Coming to a Close

A staff meeting at camp before our Sr. High Retreat. 
This past weekend was also one of our last retreats of the fall. It has been so great to watch the students jump in with servants hearts and help put on these amazing weekends for youth all over the island and lower mainland. 

A Costume Party!

This last thing I want to share about is a costume party we had together at the beginning of the month!

We all got together dressed up, made caramel apples, and had a blast with a karaoke contest. It was so much fun allowing a bit of everyones wacky side out, there certainly was no shortage of laughs. Hopefully there isn't any clips of the karaoke that will ever see the light of day. 

Thanks for checkin in with this week's blog post! The students are currently finishing up their class with David Ernst and I look forward to sharing more from that with you next week. 

Until next time,


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