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Monday, June 16, 2014

A word from last year's valedictorian.

Hey everyone, throughout the summer we will be posting some words of advice from last year's award winners. We are only a few short months away and these posts will provide some opportunities to prepare your hearts and minds for the journey that awaits for your next year. Here is a post from last year's valedictorian, Stephanie Pauls.

"Hey future Qwanoes students! I remember my excitement growing more and more each day as the promise of living on Vancouver Island became closer. I have no doubt that doing the Kaléo Program was one of the best things I could have done after High School and I hope you feel the same way after your year, no matter what stage of life you may be in at this time.

Looking back and reflecting on my 8 months in BC, there is something that I wished I had known before I began. The year will be made up of the moments you experience and then how you grow in your walk with God as the Holy Spirit shapes you through each of these moments. The Kaléo Program will not change you, instead it will be God’s work in your heart as you live your life for Him and take every opportunity to learn.

One of the best parts of your year will be the abundant amount of opportunities that you will have. They will come in many forms like connecting with God in the beautiful Island outdoors, meeting lots of solid Christian people, learning about your faith and the Bible from college professors, and being genuinely invited to take part in a church family. But every opportunity comes with a choice as to whether or not you will take advantage of it or let it pass by.

It was only later in the year that I began to understand this concept. It is so easy to miss out on opportunities when you do not properly value their importance or see them for the good they can accomplish in your life. It is important to never put off what you are meaning to do. There may be conversations you want to have or a book that you looking forward to learning from. Using the opportunities to their full potential will become great experiences, which will then become chances for you to learn and grow.

So while you prepare for Kaléo 2015, ask God to show you things that He wants to change in you. Spend time in prayer and conversation with God, because it will be in each moment that you are willing to grow that you will find yourself becoming more of a godly leader. So my final advice for you as you come into this intense year learning and growing is, do not do anything half-heartedly because those experiences will become what you make of them. Simply “doing” activities or schoolwork will not help you learn the most that you can. Growth happens when you acknowledge where God wants to change you and then intentionally step out of your comfort zone.

I wish you all the best this year and know that through prayer and intentional work you can also have a great time as you participate in everything that the Kaléo Program has to offer."

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