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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hiking Mt. Albert Edward - Adventures in the Mountains

Hiking in on day one, pictured you can see the peak of Mt. Albert Edward in the distance.

Our first out trip together did not start small
Hiking over 35 kilometres, gaining over 1,000 meters of elevation, and summiting the peak of Albert Edward is how we decided to spend our first trip together. 

We spent three days hiking in one of the most beautiful and accessible parks on Vancouver Island. Everywhere we went there was absolutely stunning views; from gorgeous lakes to beautiful forest trails, this hike left us in awe the entire way. 

Divide and conquer ‘get to know’
Our group divided into 4 smaller hiking groups on the outset of the trip. This was great because it provided awesome opportunities to get to know each other without being overwhelmed by the numbers of whole group. Two teams camped the first night at Kwai Lake, while the other two teams spent the night at Circlet Lake. 

The day we summited had some serious elevation gain
Here is a Snapshot video of our time on the mountain.

More than just a good time outside
A large vision behind the Kaléo program that flows through everything we do is helping the students to grow in their walk with God, and grow as leaders. Our time together didn't happen because we wanted to ‘just go hike a mountain,’ we had purpose behind what we did. We were seeking to grow from every moment and opportunity. Frequently we would stop and reflect together and engage in intentional discussions. So in this way we have so many more memories than just a good view and a hard hike, but rather now we have memories of where we met with God and grew as a group.

Andrew sharing a principal about how to lead in risky environments

Our trip was all about team work
This was about working together, and encouraging each other along the way. It wasn’t about getting up the mountain the quickest, it was about getting up the mountain together. 

After summiting we had an opportunity to respond in worship with a guitar that was brought to the top. 

 The whole crew at the top of Albert Edwards!

The Ladies

The Men

The trip was an absolute blast
The weather thankfully was fantastic and there was a cool breeze at times which made for awesome hiking conditions. Our group definitely grew together immensely on this trip and we are certainly looking forward to the rest of the year together. 

Team D in the parking lot!
Thanks for dropping in for this weeks post. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and hearing about our great times in God's creation. Feel free to comment any questions you might have.

The students are wrapping up their first class tomorrow called Spiritual Theology. I look forward to sharing more about it next week! 

Until next time,

Levi Allen
Kaléo Program Intern

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