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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week One At Qwanoes - The Year Kicks Off

The Kaléo Program kicked off last week here at Camp Qwanoes!
The year has gotten off to an amazing start and it is so great to have all the students here together for the first time.

Pictured above is this years students!
Registration & Orientation
The first few days of their time here at camp was a mixture of registration and getting oriented on where they will be living for the next 8 months! Excitement was definitely in the air. There were also great times to connect together as a group and get to know the staff team here at Qwanoes. 

We played some awesome group games together

The weather was amazing! So a water fight was definitely necessary.

Pictured above is this years students as well as the greater staff team here at qwanoes. Each student is paired in a relationship with a year round staff member in something we call Qord. Qord is a great opportunity for our students and staff to get to know each other and have someone they can talk to throughout the year.

Josh is getting to know his Qord Kevin Way

Camp wide beach party!
One of my favourite parts of the first week of the Kaleo pProgram is the camp wide beach party we have together. The weather was excellent, and it was a blast getting to play together down at the Qwanoes water front. 

The Camp blob is definitely a favourite

We had a lot of fun tube rides together

This wraps up a glimpse of our first week together

The students are currently helping to run a retreat here at Qwanoes and begin their first class this monday! We have already gone on an amazing out trip and have some awesome memories to share with you. Check in next week to see more stories from the Kaléo Program.

Until next time,

Levi Allen

Kaléo Program Intern

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