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Friday, January 23, 2015

Mt. Washington - A Week on the Mountain

This was a trip that many of us have been patiently waiting for as it slowly approached on the calender. Last week it was finaly time.

We were packing the vans in the dark of monday morning as we were preparring to head out on our next adventure. After a 3 hour drive we pulled up to where we would be spending our next five days together, Mt. Washington.

In contrast with the last time we made the drive up this mountain road, this time there was snow! That said, there wasn't much, but there was definitely snow, and we were so excited to hit the slopes.

This weeks blog post is a photo epic of our time up at Mt. Washington.

Andrew the Kaleo program leader with his wife Jenn and his daughter Aubrey
No comment necessary

I don't have many pictures from the skiing portion of this trip, because well, we were busy skiing of course!

After our first two days of skiing, our legs were begging us for a break. We had a sleep in morning on wednesday and spent the afternoon tubing and having a blast together.

We mannaged to make tubing as extreme as we could

We closed off our week with a day of incredible snowshoeing. We got to take up the chair lift and spend hours hiking through amazing scenery completely covered in fresh powder.

We stopped at one point for a lunch break and also an opportunity to build quinces together.

Durring our trip we got to stay at an amazing ski in and out chalet. This is one of my favourite parts of the trip, getting to spend so much quality time with everyone after being apart for christmas break.

We had some amazing evenings togheter, taking some intentional times to worship, and also encourage one another.

The week came and went pretty quick, but the memories will stay around forever. It was so amazing being able to spend quality time with this amazing group that feels more an more like family every day. As one student said, "I didn't think we could grow closer, but somehow we did!"

This is why I love the Kaleo Program, it is such an amazing fusion of studying hard with each other, serving wherever you can, and having a blast with each other in creation! The best combinations if you ask me.

Until next time,

Levi Allen

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