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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Running a Youth Night - and Curling for Study Breaks

This week I get to share about one of my personal favourite parts of the program, opportunities to practice first hand what you are learning. This is just one of the many aspects about the Kaleo Program that really helps to set it apart as an excellent place to grow as a leader. It's not widely known, but every Friday or Wednesday the students head off from camp and help run different youth groups all over the Cowichan Valley. This is so crucial to what we are about, it's not just bout learning and growing, but finding ways to serve and give back. Over the year the our students have great opportunities to grow real relationships with kids at their youth groups and get first hand experience where they might not have before. 

Because there are these great opportunities to be involved in youth groups, every year we love to put on a youth night at camp, completely run by the students. It is an opportunity to have the kids from all of these different youth groups come and see our home and experience an event put on by their leaders from youth.

Some creative ice-breaker games planned by the students

The students are involved in every part of the night, from the late night snack to the music team, everything had students behind it.

They led a game of extreme dodgeball!

We had over a hundred kids come from all over the Cowichan Valley it was such blast.

Later after the group game the students lead worship!

The night went really well and it was so great seeing the students run everything. Our year round staff had lots of positive things to say about how smoothly it was run and just everyones overall enthusiasm.

Curling for study breaks

We also took a moment to go curling for a fun study break last week. Here are some photos and a video from that experience. 

Learning how to sweep

Local volunteers from the curling club came to help teach us

Thanks for stopping by! This weekend we are heading to Vancouver to experience Missions Fest, we look forward to sharing more with you soon.

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