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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Camping at French Beach - Tenting By the Ocean

Today I am sharing some photos from an awesome camping trip we went on just over a week ago. We camped at an amazing beach spot on the west coast of the island called French Beach. The goal was to spend some quality time together while focusing in on what it takes to finish the year well.

Playing a blindfolded leadership game down at the beach

The beach out front where we were camping
One of the leadership games we played was each camping group needed to build a structure on the beach, what they ended up making was a lot of fun.

We also went on an awesome hike to a place called Mystic Beach, it was so beautiful.

We cooked one of our dinners right down within stones throw of the water. So many good memories were made. 

Thanks for checking in on some of our adventures! On Thursday check in to see pictures from their latest class.

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