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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Harvest from the Sea - Crabbing with Kaleo

Drawing the Grabs from the sea off the Qwaneos dock
As a fun activity to do in the spring, last Saturday we brought the whole crew down to the dock to catch and eat some crabs!

It doesn't get any fresher than straight out of the ocean and right into a cooking pot. We had been gathering crabs for several days, and then cooked them all on the same day. 

Andrew's wife Jenn and his girls came to enjoy the fun.

It was a blast to hang out and catch some good food together. Some had a hard time opening the crabs and didn't want much to do with eating them while others dove right in and got their hands dirty right away.

Thanks for checking out one of our afternoon adventures. The students are currently in their second last class of the year. We have a blog post coming on Thursday about the camping trip that we just returned from as well. Good stuff is coming!

Thanks for checking out this weeks post,

Levi Allen

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